We’ll help you make the right decisions right out of the gate!

  • We will take the time to listen to your goals and walk you through our business discovery process to identify what your immediate opportunities are and if there is anything preventing you from moving forward. These may include spending too much time with ‘C’ level clients who drain your time and resources and learning how to increase your ‘A’ level clients, as well as improving your client service model to create enthusiastic clients who constantly give you referrals.
  • We will help you define who your ideal client is so you can narrow your focus to secure the right clients vs. being a mass-marketer – you’ll be able to spend wisely vs. trying different hit or miss strategies that will drain your resources.
  • We will help research, gain insight, and identify the most appropriate products and services for reaching your market. This step-by-step process includes validating your market and developing the right sales approach, brand strategy, communications language, and referral approach.
  • We will help you position and announce your services and products to create awareness in your market place. You’ll be on your way with the marketing tools you need such as your website, digital media, social media, press, networking, blog, print materials, etc.
  • We will help you gain responses from your ideal clients and target markets. This is where the rubber meets the road and we will develop a plan to implement your customized tactical strategies to close the deal. Depending on what you discovered during your research activity, you will know exactly what strategies to implement such as Email Campaigns, Social Media, Direct Mail, Educational Events, Automation Marketing, etc.
  • We will help you continue the relationship you have formed with your clients for continued sales and referrals for life. This includes building strategic alliances, working with centers of influence, delivering client appreciation programs, cross-selling products and services, and implementing a referral program that works for you and your personal style.