A client service model is everything you do from the moment a prospect connects with you – to retaining them as a client – to the continuous follow-up after you have provided them with a service or product. And, in many businesses, it is the only thing that can and will differentiate you from competitors.

Purchasing a New Car – My Client Service Experience

A couple of years ago, I arrived at the point where I knew my Honda Accord needed more than just a few repairs. I took my car to the Honda service center where I always received top notch service. Two hours later, the service center confirmed my initial assessment; I needed more repairs than the car was worth. It was time to purchase a new car!

Arriving at the service center about a half an hour later, I was quite impressed that the service team completely detailed my old car knowing that I was in the market to purchase a new one. Shortly thereafter, I was introduced to a sales person who’s lack of experience selling cars quickly became apparent. In fact, it was his first day on the sales floor and he couldn’t find the cars that matched the keys he was provided. I spent almost three hours at Honda and test drove two cars. My frame of mind changed from being excited about buying another Honda to wanting to leave immediately. As I was walking out the door, the Sales Manager tried to persuade me to continue with the process; however, I was mentally checked out by that point.

Knowing that I purchased and serviced my car at Honda for many years, Honda should have elevated my experience by introducing me to a seasoned and knowledgeable sales person – not the greenest person on the sales floor. What prevented me from purchasing a car at Honda, was the inability of the sales person to find the cars for me to test drive.

The next day, I went to a Nissan dealership. The sales person, asked me the right questions, provided excellent customer service, was knowledgeable, and showed me cars that met my needs and requirements. I purchased a car from the Nissan dealership that same day.

Checklist for Improving Your Client Service Experience

Consider these questions when trying to elevate your client service experience:

• What does your website say about you? Is it easy to navigate? Does it answer the following questions: What do you do or offer?, How do you do it?, What is the benefit to your potential client?.

• What does your Social Media say about you? Does it paint a picture of trust? Social media plays and enormous role in the customer experience by fostering relationships.

• What does your office or professional space look like? Is it inviting and clean? Does your decor appeal to your target audience?

• How does your staff answer the phone? This is the first point of contact a prospect may have and you’ll want make sure they know how to set the tone for your business. Make sure to properly train staff to deliver a top client experience.

• Are your employees trained properly? Are your employees crossed trained? Cross training is one of the best ways to mitigate risk and ensure success.

• Do you know what beverage your prospects or clients like to drink? Do you use paper or fine china when serving them a beverage?

• Do you walk your clients to their car and thank them for spending time with you?

• Are you well prepared for your client meeting? Do you have a set agenda and a clean appealing meeting space? Do you listen more than you talk? Do you ask the right questions? Do you know what the expectations are of your clients?

• Is your signage easy to follow? Have a friend do a review and see how easy it is to find your office from the moment they reach your parking lot to the moment they enter your office.

• Does everyone in your office know when an important client or prospect is going to be in the office? This is key when making sure everyone is on their best behavior.

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By Lauren Stakutis